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Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E. Smith

Cemetery Tours is a really good book! It is part of a series but at the same time able to be read as a standalone. Jacqueline was able to roll suspense, drama, romance, and paranormal all into one without making it seem overwhelming



Some secrets are best kept laid to rest.

At least, that’s as far as Michael Sinclair is concerned. At twenty-seven, he has spent his entire life perfecting the art of pretending that the ghosts he encounters on a daily basis do not exist. Now, if only the dead would let him rest in peace.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely, especially after Kate Avery and her ailing brother, Gavin, move in next door. Kate and Gavin are haunted, and not by a dearly departed loved one. This spirit is aggressive, menacing, and harboring a dark resentment toward Gavin. In spite of every instinct advising him to walk away, Michael finds himself seeking to uncover the mysteries of Gavin’s past, and falling for the bright and lovely Kate. Yet competing for her affection is Luke Rainer, television’s hottest celebrity ghost hunter and the only (living) person to know Michael’s secret. 

But the dead have secrets, too. Some will go to any length to withhold what should have gone with them to the grave, while others will risk everything to make their voices heard, even if that means putting another’s life at stake. Now, for the sake of friends and strangers alike, Michael must choose between preserving his cherished anonymity and lending his aid to those for whom all hope seems lost.

I really did like this book. 🙂  The writing had a good flow to it and it was an easy and quick read.  Her characters were well written and the language was realistic if that makes sense.  I felt like I was one of the characters in the book.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the turn the story would take toward the end but definitely was a good climax.  Also, the ending is perfect to flow into book 2 (currently reading) 😉

 The only thing I can say I would improve is the cover itself.  I mean don’t get me wrong, it is a nice cover but really doesn’t go with the story.  When I first received my book I first thought, “huh, it’s a book about cemeteries.” Uh, no.  It’s really what the book is about technically.  So if I were to change anything it would be the cover.   The title is the name of the Paranormal Investigation group that one of the characters is in so that makes sense and will tie in with book two as well.



If you like Paranormal and suspense, you  need this book in your life. 🙂  Stay tuned, I am currently on book 2!!




The Infernal Device Series by Cassandra Clare, Books 1,2 and 3

If you were a fan of The Mortal Instrument Series, then you’ll be obsessed with The Infernal Device Series.

Before Clary and Jace, and the other new Shadowhunters and Downworlders, there was Tessa, Will and James.   Continue reading “The Infernal Device Series by Cassandra Clare, Books 1,2 and 3”

Shattered Pieces, Book 4 of If I Break Series by Portia Moore

Wow… just Wow.  I thought Portia’s last 3 books were full of drama and surprises but she really went all out in book four.

***Caution, Major spoilers of book 3 ***

Well, we thought Cal/Chris’s story was done after book 3, but of course Portia had other plans.  Book 4 goes back to when Collin was outed.  Chris remembers his dad’s betrayal and Cal realizes that his father never killed his real mother.  He did it himself.  Cal is broken.  Chris is basically comotose.  He just sleeps and never does anything.  Lauren, Mrs. Scott… everyone is worried.  I mean, can you blame him though?  He just found out his real father is Mr. Crestfield Sr,  Cal’s best friend Dexter is actually his half brother.  He also discovered he killed his real mother and his adoptive father is a cheating husband who fathered a daughter with his mistress who is also Chris’s best friend Lisa.  Geez, I would be broken too. Continue reading “Shattered Pieces, Book 4 of If I Break Series by Portia Moore”

Dirty Dark Deceit by Lacey Alpha

I think Lacey; author of The Darker Side of Cane Series really outdid herself this time! Dirty Dark Deceit has the perfect amount of romance, drama, and erotica.  I like how realistic they relationship progresses in her book this time and the female doesn’t take any crap from the male character. Continue reading “Dirty Dark Deceit by Lacey Alpha”

Haunting the Deep by Adriana Mather

***I have received this Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for my honest review**

Readers if you remember, a while ago I wrote a review on Adriana’s book “How to Hang a Witch.” Adriana is the 12th generation relative to the famous Cotton Mather who played a major role in the Salem Witch Trials.  Crazy , huh?  Well, I got you one better.  Adriana Mather also had relatives that survived THE TITANIC!  And that is what Haunting the Deep is based on.

Continue reading “Haunting the Deep by Adriana Mather”

Shattered Pieces, Book 4 of If I Break Series by Portia Moore

Wow… just Wow.  I thought Portia’s last 3 books were full of drama and surprises but she really went all out in book four.

***Caution, Major spoilers of book 3 *** Continue reading “Shattered Pieces, Book 4 of If I Break Series by Portia Moore”

If I Break Series by Portia Moore

Cal has a secret. One that makes loving him come with a price, and

being his wife cost more than I bargained for

So, this review might be a little jumbled but bear with me.   In all this time that I’ve read  this series, I realize I not once posted reviews about it.  I am talking about the If I Break Series by Portia Moore.

There are three major books available, a mid series book Before I Break 1.5 (between one and two) and book 4 that is to be released on April 30.   In my reviews below, I will be sharing:  If I Break, Before I Break 1.5, Almost Broken, and Beautifully Broken.  Our newest,  Shattered Pieces will have its own post.

Continue reading “If I Break Series by Portia Moore”

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Twist Me Series by Anna Zaires

Kidnapped. Taken to a private island.

I never thought this could happen to me. I never imagined a one chance meeting on the eve of my eighteenth birthday could change my life so completely.

Now I belong to him. To Julian. To a man who is as ruthless as he is beautiful—a man whose touch makes me burn. A man whose tenderness I find more devastating than his cruelty.

My captor is an enigma. I don’t know who he is or why he took me. There is a darkness inside him—a darkness that scares me even as it draws me in.

My name is Nora Leston, and this is my story.

***This is book 1 of a completed trilogy.   Keep Me and Hold Me are now available.*** Continue reading “Twist Me Series by Anna Zaires”

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