I think Lacey; author of The Darker Side of Cane Series really outdid herself this time! Dirty Dark Deceit has the perfect amount of romance, drama, and erotica.  I like how realistic they relationship progresses in her book this time and the female doesn’t take any crap from the male character.



Life’s a game. One I’ve failed at in every aspect but one: stealing cars.
The thrill, the danger, the rush. It was all that got me through the day.
Until I met her.
The girl who has so many walls up, even I can’t break in and make a quick getaway. But it turns out, she’s just what I need to pull off the impossible. And now I have something over her to make sure she cooperates.
So welcome to the dark side, Darcy. You’re about to become a criminal.

The word arrogant doesn’t cut it when it comes to Logan Chase.
And after ruining my day, apparently he’s decided to ruin my life too.
But the problem is I owe him something, a big something that I can’t afford my way out of. And with him offering me a chance to escape the shit storm that my lowlife, cheating ex dropped me in, I no longer have a choice.
All I have to do is manage one week in Logan’s company. And no matter how hard he might try, there’s no way he’s getting within an inch of my knickers on this trip, let alone my heart.


So in her “Cane” series, the female quickly falls for the male and does everything he says, well almost everything; yeah, it’s a typical erotica novel.  So it’s very refreshing for Darcy, our MC in DDD (Dirty Dark Deceit) to refuse to take any crap from Logan, the male character.  She’s been burned before in a relationship and doesn’t plan on it happening again, no matter how hot the guy is.  Darcy is a young woman who happened to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.  So now she is thrown into the dark world that Logan Chase is in.


My favorite thing about the book is the Female isn’t just immediately swooning over the male character.  She puts him in his place each time he tries something on her.  I mean I love the romance in erotica books but reading about the woman just falling head over heels over and over again just gets old.  I also like the sense of humor the characters have which keeps the story from being too serious.  The conversations are just how two people would actually speak to each other in this situation.

I would have to say the least favorite thing honestly is I guess the description of the antagonist.  ***Spoiler alert*** (he has a man bun).  Also, maybe how choppy the “offer” Logan gave to Darcy was.  there was no true build up.  This isn’t enough though to say I disliked the book, because that would just be a lie considering I have already read it twice 🙂

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I give the book 5 out of 5 stars rating! If you love Romance and drama, get your copy today! For only ONE more week you can get your copy for only 99 cents!