Oh wow, so society has found another way to be “offended”.  Offended… The word is thrown around so much that just looking at the word makes it look funny and sound weird.  Have you ever done that?  You start thinking of a word too much it starts to sound strange? Offended, OOFFEENNDED, offfffended.  Yep, definitely sounds strange to me and quite silly to be honest.  You know another word that is being thrown around a lot and is made a huge fuss of? GAY.

 Yep, apparently being “gay” is unacceptable! A disgrace! A threat to my personal being and those around me.  My children are in danger of becoming gay just because it’s being advertised to them.  My dear readers, now this is the part where I say that is a load of  BULL!!!!   I am sure you can guess where this new rant of mine is coming from:  Beauty and The Beast.  Have you heard that people are freaking out because LeFou was announced to be Gay?  How dare Disney display such appalling characters.  Nevermind the fact that the cartoon version LeFou did seem a little “different”  I mean, he did seem rather infatuated with Gaston.  And didn’t he even sing a song about loving Gaston?  At least that is my personal opinion from watching the movie when I was a child.  And guess what?  I AM NOT GAY!

Watching a simple movie did not make me a lesbian. Having gay friends did not make me crave other women, having family members who are gay did not have me fantasizing about other women. I am happily married to the MAN of my dreams and I have two wonderful daughters with him. So why would it be such a big deal for LeFou to like men?  Besides, children are so innocent that is not what they would be deciphering out of this movie.  They are going to be glued to the music, Gaston’s crazy actions, Belle’s Beautiful dress, and of course, they are going to be entranced by the Beast. They will realize you accept a person for who they are not what they look like. IF you really want to be technical, I would be more worried about the bestiality of it all.  Or the fact it’s OK to fall in love with a crazy man that kidnaps women and locks her up.  Or attempting to KILL someone because they are different is acceptable.

Stop worrying about the little things.  Because that is exactly what this is:  a small thing.  I mean really people, we have so much bigger things to worry about. Especially us in the United States right now.  I am more worried about the future of my children’s education.  I am worried that this country will break out in a civil war.  I am worried that we will end up in another recession.  I’ll tell you what doesn’t have my panties in a twist though. A DAMN CHARACTER IN A DISNEY MOVIE!  Just worry about loving your kids and raising them to be just as loving and accepting and I promise you, everything will be OK.

 If you agree then like my post! Show the world it’s OK to be different. If you don’t agree with me then that’s cool too. I’ll pray for you or send good vibes your way.  Because if this is what has you bent out of shape, then I can’t imagine how you are when something big gets thrown your way.

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