I have seriously fallen off the face of the Earth recently.  I am sitting at my desk and out of nowhere it dawns on me, I have not written a review on a single book I have read during the holidays (face palm)!  So I am going to start off the New  Year with The Sauvage Domicile, Book 3 of The Domicile Series written by Courtney Ruggles.

***CAREFUL!! This blog will contain some small spoilers of book 2***

For those that have read the books or my reviews you already know that this is a Dystopian Series.  The main Characters are “B” and “Q”, the ones who defied the Domicile by falling in love with each other and always breaking the rules.  In Book 2, we know that the both of them were sent to The Muertre and instead of being dead they ended up in The Vrai Domicile, (hence the title of the second book).  We meet new characters who call themselves The Revolution, that are helping Q fight the Sixth Domicile and escape, but at the same time, in order for Q and her grandmother to stay alive, she is told she needs to follow the rules of the Elders and unite the domicile once again.  I don’t want to give to many spoilers away so long story short, Q & B escape the Vrai and make it to the outside world but the one thing we never imagined will occur.

Summary of the Book:

The Revolution just entered the wild. Q’s escape from the Vrai Domicile was supposed to be the final spark to ignite the people. But that spark was doused by a sacrifice that threatens to destroy her. Now Q must forge a new path. Led deep into the woods to find the elusive Transients, she must not only protect those who escaped the Sixth Domicile with her, but also align with Transients who have their own plans of warfare. And their war calls for more death and destruction than Q ever thought possible. As Q unites both Transient and Domicilian, she quickly realizes that even in the wilderness, no one is free. They must take the fight back to the Domicile. But this war brings with it more secrets, heartbreaking betrayals, and even worse sacrifices, as Q fights to protect her people from Elders who always seem to be one step ahead. The face of the Revolution has changed. Q has entered the sauvage – a place she isn’t sure she can survive.

My favorite thing about the book is the action.  Lots of things happen that you never have a “calm moment” where you’re just like “meh, this is boring”  I like a book that has you on your toes the whole time.  The thing I like the least I would have to say is the weakness Q shows in the beginning.  The whole damsel in distress thing going on in the beginning although understandable, was a little annoying.  Like really put on your big girl panties  on and fight, don’t rely on others to keep you sane.  In the end though, Courtney satisfies me with and ending that has you grinning with malice, at least me anyway. 😉

The Cover:

Image result for the savage domicile  The cover is pretty typical for the series. It follows the other themes only this time you can visibly see the blood shed occurring in this book.  No one is safe.  Domicillians, Revolutionists, nor the Transients are exempt from the violence of The Elders.  Only thing I would want changed on the cover is the mask.  Maybe add a crack on it somewhere?  What do you think?

So in all, Courtney in my opinion earns an A+ for the action packed story and adding a twist I didn’t see coming at all!  The Domicile Series are quick reads that YA and older will enjoy.  If you want to read this series I have included links to all three books so you can enjoy!




Courtney Ruggles-Author