Wow, I just realized its been a while since I have posted anything!  Sorry guys, with the holidays coming up, being busy at home with the family and work,  I’ve been too tired to blog.  So if you have read my previous blog posts,  I am in a book group called The Faction Wars.  My faction is Witches.  The groups were created by our awesome Martina McAtee, author of The Dead Things Series.  So there are four different factions:  Reapers, Shifters, Faes, and my beloved Witches. They represent the characters in the books and each one has a particular Charity that we try to raise money for.  Mine for one is Safe Child Africa.

 Believe or not, children are still being accused of being Witches (yes you read that correctly), WITCHES!!  It is known that the accusations will start if a tragedy falls upon the family or the village, resulting in the child being shunned from family, friends, and the whole community.  The child will starve or be abused.  So basically, SCA (Safe Child America) helps remove the child from any possible danger and provides food, shelter, and medical attention if needed.

Children accused of witchcraft urgently need our support. They risk being abused, tortured or even killed. Our research shows that 80% of these children will run away or be abandoned by their parents.

-Quotes from the SCA Website

Safe Child Africa fearlessly protects children in Nigeria, including those accused of witchcraft. With your support, we can keep these children out of harm’s way, stand up for their rights and help them get a good education.


So, in order to help raise money for Safe Child Africa, I have created a set of “Fandom Teas” on  I mean, who doesn’t like tea right? 😉  Each tea has a different flavor and amount of caffeine to them along with a different character from The Dead Things Series labeled on the tin.  If you have read the books, then you know the characters I am talking about, if not then check out Martina’s website!



A portion of EACH sale will go to Safe Child Africa


If you don’t feel like ordering tea but would like to still donate to their wonderful cause I listed the link below.   If you do want to order let me now down in the comments or send me a message with your email and I can send you a $5 Certificate to get your first Sample Tin Free! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading guys and feel free to share this!