We fight to wake up in the mornings, we fight to brush our teeth and hair.  My goodness, It’s not going to kill them to eat their vegetables!!  I remind my girls that they do not want to be labeled the stinky kid in class so bath time is a necessity.  And bedtime, don’t get me started on bedtime.  The boogeyman does not pay the rent so he does not reside under your bed.  No, you may not have another “midnight snack”.  You’ve already peed twice how much more can you go?

Moms, the grocery store.  how many times have we said “no candy”, “stop begging”, or “pitch a fit one more time and I will embarrass you in this store?”  I really truly feel I could win a world record on how many times I have said these phrases.


Its bedtime right now in the Sage House… my girls are still up and acting crazed on leftover Halloween candy and their last burst of energy.  So what am I doing about it?  Nothing.  I hung up the bra, slapped on the homemade face mask (frugal mom here) and poured myself a mommy drink.  Yeah you  know which “mommy drink” I am talking about.  The one we need sometimes to unwind.  Now any other evening I am a little stricter as we need our rest for school and work but come guys, it’s Friday!  10 years of motherhood I’ve learned to, now pay close attention:   pick and choose my battles.  Those moms we see on TV do not exist.  We aren’t the never ending doting mother who lives the stepford life.  Some of you may be those rare beings and good for you but I personally am not.  Parenthood isn’t perfect.  It’s messy, very messy.  Moms, you know this haha.  Tantrums will happen, bruises will appear, and you will develop an extra appendage called a child.  Wherever you go, that munchkin will be right there no matter what.


  “Are you absolutely against a shower tonight? Whatever,  I’ll compromise.  No shower tonight but you will get up early in the morning to shower.”  “kids, I won’t force all that broccoli on you, but know you will eat at least one and the rest of your food will be eaten.”  “Now girls, I am not obligated to buy you something every time we go out, but know if you behave and act like outstanding citizens of society, I may reward you! 😉  “Honey, your socks don’t ma… you know what?  Don’t worry about it, you’re ready for school so that’s all that matters.”  “Girl, that a mud puddle!  You know what?  Go ahead and play we’re home any way and there is such a thing called water and soap”

I know, I know… some of you are cringing that I am “that mom”.  The one who really is willing to let her kid be mismatched.  Honestly though, as long as they get to school on time I don’t care.  My job is not to wait on them hand and foot.  Not at the ages of ten and eight.  My job is to make sure my girls are fed, have decent clothes to wear, even though they don’t match it up, and to make sure they grow up to respect the things they have and respect others and know independence.  I have learned some battles I will lose and need to just go with the flow and others I can win by compromise or make them understand that on some things there is no compromise and needs to be done the right way.  You can’t function at your 100% if you can’t loosen the reigns a bit.  Example, instead of being asleep like I told them, the girls were all over me begging for facials and popcorn.  All I wanted to do is sip my drink and write this blog.  So I told them, in exchange for some peace and quiet, they can watch TV.  They are now snoozing like good kids 🙂  Like Charlie Sheen said “WINNING!”

Sorry guys, I know my blog is kind of all over the place today but really, I just wanted to get all this down into words.  All I hope is that at least one of you moms, dads, grandparents can get something out of this.  You don’t have to always entertain your kid.  We don’t have to!!! It’s not our job to do that 24/7.  Our job is to make sure they are independent, fed, and educated.  They want entertainment?  They can read, play inside or outside!  We are the ones that make an impact on our child’s life.  If your kid wears two different socks or her/his shirt doesn’t match the bottoms, it’s ok.  At least they got ready.

Keep your sanity, end of story…