Sometimes we’re all too quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count.




This Halloween spare your ‘trick or treat’ money and help Fund the First Night for a child accused of witchcraft.

The Problem

Why we urgently need your support

Today hundreds of children are being accused of witchcraft, putting them at risk of abuse and torture. Some may even be killed. And our research shows that 80% of accused children run away or are abandoned by their parents.

It’s vital that these children have somewhere to turn – and that’s exactly what the Safe Child Emergency Centre offers. But because we receive no government funding, we rely on the generosity of people like you.


The difference we can make together

Your donation will help the emergency centre to keep children safe and to give them medical care, counselling and legal support. Every child will receive a comfortable bed and, most importantly. they’ll be cared for by adults who believe they’re just a boy or girl, not a witch.

Together, we can give children the care they so urgently need. For some, it’ll be the first time in their life they feel safe.

Today, you could help fund the first night for a child staying in our emergency centre. Children like David and James – two brothers who were both accused of witchcraft.

It was a few days after David’s 7th birthday that everything changed for him and James. It all started when a so-called pastor was called to pray for their mum and aunty when they got sick.

The pastor told their dad that the two boys had placed a curse on their mum and aunt, making them unwell. He then said that he could help by exorcising the boys – for money, of course. The dad agreed.

The news spread through James and David’s community that they were witches. Their friends were told to keep away. On their way to and from school adults would taunt them – police too.

The day of the exorcism came and the boys were led to a basement.

They were tied up to some pipes, before having a pepper and chilli mix poured into their eyes.Crying in agony, they were shouted at to confess to being witches. They didn’t.

After no one had seen the boys for a week, Safe Child Africa was told about the case and our team started investigating straight away.

They were met with no response at the address belonging to James and David’s dad. Not deterred, they kicked down the door to be met with a rancid smell.

Fearing the worst, our team made their way to the basement, where they found James and David STILL chained to the pipes. They were weak, but they were alive.

Immediately the boys were taken to hospital. We sent counsellors to support them, while other members of the team worked on finding the abusers and starting a prosecution case.

David and James are now safe with a foster family but their ordeal is not over. That trauma needs to be worked with long-term. And it will be – within the protection of a caring family and alongside a dedicated child protection team.

Unfortunately, we hear about cases like this all too often in our emergency centre. There are many more children like David and James who are abandoned by their families and shunned from their communities.

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