If you remember, I have written book reviews on these two books.

  1. Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
  2. Dark Dreams and Dead Things

Book 3-Sinister Souls and Dead Things is currently in the making and causing every fan  to be impatient for its release 😛


The Dead Things Series is a Paranormal YA Book with Witches, Shifters, Reapers, Demons,  and many other supernatural beings.  The books are about Ember a seemingly normal girl who has always felt like an outcast.  The only place she belonged is in the cemetery with nothing but dead people.  After her father dies, Ember starts to feel strange, like a current is going right through her.  Now I am not going to give away all the details but that night Ember is thrown into a world she only thought existed in fairy tales.  But surprisingly she feels like she finally belongs.

I have never been so excited about a series since The Mortal Instruments or Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  So when Martina created “Factions” to support her characters and also wonderful charities I quickly jumped on board!! 

The faction I am participating in is the #Teamwitches Faction.  The Charity we help is Safe Child Africa.  It is a group that helps children accused of witchcraft. They are at risk of being abused, tortured or even killed. Their research shows that 80% of these children will run away or be abandoned by their parents.


 There are many reasons children are being accused of witchcraft in Nigeria. Often it’s because of a misfortune in the family, such as a breakdown of a marriage or a relative’s death or illness.

All problems in life are believed to have a spiritual origin. In the last ten years, these are generally seen as the fault of child ‘witches’. It’s thought that the child has been put under a spell and given the power to wreak havoc. This is a belief that cuts across all tiers of society.

Some churches and Nigerian movies  also play a major role in spreading this belief. And there are many so-called pastors who brand children as witches and then charge extortionate fees to ‘exorcise’ them.


Safe Child Africa works to support and protect children accused of witchcraft by removing the child from danger, giving them much needed medical attention, putting a roof over their head and taking legal action. They also work with communities in Nigeria as well as international agencies to prevent the abuse of so called child ‘witches.’

As many children accused of witchcraft are made homeless, SCA also support them through their projects with street children. 


Not Only is this my Faction’s Charity, it is something I have always read about and donated to in the past.  This is not recent by any means.  For centuries this has been occurring.  Safe Child Africa and I would really appreciate and welcome any donations.  If you want to create a fundraiser or any type of event I have provided the link to SCA and if you want to join our Witch Faction by Martina McAtee I have that link as well! 🙂  We battle against the Shifter, Reaper and Faerie Factions and have chances to win all kinds of prizes!

Team Witches Faction

Safe Child Africa Charity