I am re-blogging this because I am now intrigued! “Lure” by Stephanie Jenkins was published in 2011 but cannot be found anywhere online. Have any of you heard of it? Have you seen this book available for purchase? Let me know!


Hello my loyal followers. I come before you today, not with s book review, but as a woman on a mission desperately seeking help.

For a few months I have been interested in reading a particular book.. The name of the book is Lure by Stephanie Jenkins. The only place I have successfully found this book is on goodreads. Where I have seen folks post amazing reviews, talking about the wonderful experience they had reading this book. I want an neeeeeed to have it! I tried to research the author and have come up empty handed, and her goodreads account hasn’t been used since 2011. The same year that the book was published. I can’t even get a pic to pull up online.. If anyone can help me out. Give me any info as to why I can not find this book. If anyone knows where I can purchase a…

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