This has been an interview I have really been looking forward to!  Michael Canon, author of “Last Judgement” gives us an inside look of what it took to complete his amazing Science Fiction novel.

Hi Michael! Thank you so much for the opportunity to have an insight on your mind and learn more about your awesome Sci-Fi book Last Judgement.

So tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Miami, conceived by a Colombian mother and a Chilean father. Ironically I’ve been more compelled to seek philosophical questions by my own means after having dropped out of college. Reason being his mother ran off and I had to support my son Josiah.  I was a single father at what some might consider a young age.

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Growing up did you always know you wanted to be a writer? What did you imagine doing as an adult?

I feel as if writing found me, I can vaguely remember a time in elementary school where my peers would run off to recess, but I’d much rather be lost in the middle of my own compelling adventures. I guess I was pretending to be the next R.L Stine. If I had to imagine were my life would of taken me, I could almost say I knew where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be all along thanks to my inner voice. What I never imagined was how I would get there and the struggles I had to overcome to arrive where I am today.

Other than writing, do you have any other professions? How do you manage balancing it all?

Writing and Acting, I do enjoy placing myself in someone else’s shoes. I believe these two passions feed off each other. One helps me be a be‚tter writer and the other helps me understand the person I’m imitating. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a swing at acting in college and writing Last Judgement drew my family apart.  Call it bad decision making or the lack of support from my loved ones. I hope my story will catch on so I can continue writing.  The author field is a very difficult and competitive career to keep afloat. I unfortunately let my passion reveal who my true allies were.

At what point did you decide “I’m ready to start my first novel.”? What made you just go full force into it?

My fiance was trying to be closer to her sister and since I aim to please, I applied for a job transfer and was approved faster than I could of anticipated so I was forced to leave family and friends rather abruptly. I was the first to arrive. I came up from Florida and had to wait until everyone else was all packed and ready. I was lucky enough to transfer through Costco, which is a great company to work for if your searching for job security. I found aside from my work schedule I had a lot of time on my hands. Time that a family man could rarely afford, so I put it to good use and began my first novel.

Who was your biggest supporter growing up? Who is it now?

My biggest supporter will always be my mother. She was a single mother of which I can now relate to, being a single father once more. No ma‚tter what frustrations I had or what inhibitions I carried, she was always available to support the inner dreamer in me.

Do you have a favorite author? If it’s more than one what inspired you from their work to create Last Judgement?

Growing up I liked R.L Stine, I enjoyed the thrill of a good horror mystery. Later I was introduced to the philosophical and controversial questions stemming from Plato & Socrates short stories. These questions fed my inquisitive side leading me to question the world around me. My questions later became obsessions into a conspiracy theory and that evolved into a fascination with documentaries. Those rabbit holes allowed me to imagine Last Judgement.

After publishing your first book, did the publishing part change how your process of writing would be?

The publishing part has not affected my writing process, but definitely encouraged me to write more if time permits me. The most important thing I’ve learned is not to waste time with small publishing companies you have to research and try to get approved by one of the top 5, reason being the smaller companies make the author in charge of marketing,  makes it very difficult to get recognized without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now I’ll be honest, I really haven’t read many Science Fiction Novels. When I decided to read this one, I didn’t know what to expect. I was astonished at the imagination that was poured into your book! I finished it in one day and can say I definitely enjoyed every minute of it! Not only was your story very descriptive but the choice of illustrations used are really amazing and in my opinion makes the story come to life even more.

Was it always your plan to use illustrations in your book? Why did you decide to use that kind of artwork?

Yeah I figured illustrations were a selling point to my preference as a reader. I had tried several different artists but no one had the time to spare. Until finally I discovered a family friend with an artistic talent. His art resembles that of anime, which in my experience have some of the best stories att‚ached.

Who did your illustrations?

Mannuel Carrasquillo, a friend of the family did my illustrations and will hopefully do the next ones despite his busy school schedule.

In your opinion, what was the hardest part about writing Last Judgement?

Tying all the loose ends together for an ending that would leave you wanting more.

Did you know in the beginning that you were going to write a series?

No I didn’t, the story slowly reveals itself as I put it on paper. I didn’t even know what genre. Once my imagination kicks into full gear there is no telling where it might lead. It truly was an adventure for me as well.

Who inspired your characters? Is there someone in your life that made you think to recreate them in a book?

My son and ex fiance were a big inspiration. My son helped connect me to a fantasy world where anything and everything was possible, and my fiance helped me find a romance thrill among the science fiction. One of my best friends Mauricio inspired the Irish bartender always available when I needed someone to make me laugh. We always shared our girl troubles over a couple drinks. My friend Igor inspired Igor of course, one of kind nice guy  but was not what most considered a chick magnet but he had a big heart when it mattered.

Can you give us your favorite part of the book?

My favorite part is actually a scene in the snippet of my sequel were Josiah crash lands and is introduced to Ethan.

Is there anything you would change about your book? If there is, what would it be?

Well I’ve truly taken my reviews seriously and working with a screenwriter to improve some scenes. To find out which changes we make you would just have to keep an eye open and stay tuned, hopefully a producer will like the screenplay enough to invest for a motion picture. In the meantime spread the word or pick up your copy of Last Judgement.

Have you started on book 2 or can you give us a little insight on what to expect?

I have started I even included a snippet on both the paperback and I extended the snippet on the audio version. You can expect an apocalyptic world filled with shape shifters and no one to trust.

Where could someone interested in your book find it?

My book is available on Barnes and noble,  Amazon, audible, Google play, and on if you have trouble finding it message me on Instagram:  @ ludlam35.

For my final question, what advice would you give an aspiring writer? Is there anything you could tell them that would help them reach their full potential?

Any idea can be great, it’s all about sticking to it and developing it enough. Try and stay on course; there are an infinite realm of possibilities but this notion can be a double edged sword you can use to defend your work or render it impossible to finish due to indecisiveness. So stay focused and motivated.

Michael, thank you so much for this great opportunity. It’s always an honor to learn the process of the creation of a wonderful book. I wish you all the success and I personally am excited for book 2.

Guys This book is so well though out.  You would really start to wonder, what if Aliens were real?  I literally read this in one day and messaged our wonderful writer to tell him I was so ready for book 2!  If you haven’t gotten your copy today, then I think you should get it like yesterday 😉  I listed the links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble for you so you can go check it out!

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