Wake up, get ready, take kids to school, work, home, dinner, baths, then bed….Repeat.  It’s the circle of life as an adult; a parent.  Then, to add to it all we chauffeur our kids to dance, sports, play dates and doctor’s appointments,  All these things are just the way things are on a daily basis.  And this is why I just need to leave it all.

No, I don’t mean permanently of course 😉  I love my life.  As a young mother I have been able to endure much of the hectic lives of children.  But doing the same thing over and over for so long and no break, it does get kind of old. Not just for me,  but for my family as well.  It is important to always remember to enjoy the little things, take a day off from obligations and just go someplace random, or take the drive to the lake. Heck, just spending the day at the park is the perfect getaway.

In my life for example,  with family losses, moving, new schools, and the daily workflow at the office, I was ready to just pull my hair out.  The daily routine was absolutely driving me insane.  My childhood was always one of adventure with a father like mine. We were always discovering new places and meeting new people, so I knew that if I didn’t do something now, my family and I would implode.  With that being said, my husband and I last minute decided to pack up the kids, grab my brother and father and we drove to our small paradise in Tellico Plains, TN.  If you are from this area then you know where we went, if not then its a place to check out sometime.  With not much money, a tank of gas we drove our little family unit to just enjoy our mini day vacation.


Bald River Falls Tellico Plains, TN

IMG_7047Indian Boundary Tellico Plains

With low funds, my husband and I were a little unsure if taking this trip was a good idea, as it was almost a two hour drive for us. But once we got to the lake and the excitement on my daughters’ faces showed plain as day, we knew the drive was worth it.  It was like the weight of all the stress had washed away in the lake.  This is so sad to say, but I don’t think as a family we have laughed, played or enjoyed each other’s company as much as we did this weekend in a long, long time.

IMG_7036IMG_7033Us at Bald River Falls

These faces reassured me, life is good.  Life is miraculous and beautiful.  It does not matter how crazy your life can be, how busy your work and school is, taking just one day to forget it all can change your perspective on it all.   It has only been two days since our mini vacation, but already I feel the change in my soul.  I know this has nothing to do with the book reviews I usually do, but I hope in sharing my weekend with you it just might make you realize, it’s important to enjoy the little things and in doing so, you can live a happier life.