Who loves the story of Ichabod Crane and The Headless Horseman?  The famous Sleepy Hollow.  Personally,  it is one of my favorite stories ever.  So to read this “spin off” of Sleepy Hollow, I felt like a kid in a candy store 🙂  The history and original story is kept alive in Wake the Hollow but we have new lovers in search of the truth.  Ghosts, visions, death, history, and suspense are all rolled into one awesome YA Novel.  

To Gaby, thank you for writing such an amazing and addictive book!!!

After years of avoiding her past, Mica Burgos is pulled back into her hometown of Sleepy Hollow after finding out her mother had tragically died.  It was said her death was accidental, but was it really?  Mica and her best friend Bram set out to figure out the reason her mother stayed behind in Sleepy hollow instead of following Mica and her dad to Miami. To top everything, a ghost has been tormenting Mica in her dreams.  Who knows what she wants. 

What’s my favorite thing about the novel you ask?  Well, seeing that I am Hispanic, I love love LOVE that Gaby used a Hispanic main character.

The Cover:


I Love this cover!  It has our main character Mica, is very ominous and just so pretty :p  Really, there is no other way to describe this cover that can express how much I like it.  It’s so much nicer in person.

What the book is about:

Tragedy has brought Micaela Burgos back to her hometown of Sleepy Hollow. It’s been six years since she chose to live with her affluent father in Miami instead of her history-obsessed eccentric mother. And now her mother is dead.

But while Sleepy Hollow was made immortal by literature, the town is real. So are its prejudices and hatred, targeting Mica’s Cuban family and the secrets of their heritage that her mother obsessed over. But ghostly voices whisper in the wind, questioning whether her mother’s death might not have been an accident after all, and Mica knows there’s a reason she’s here.

With the help of two very different guys—who pull at her heart in very different ways—Micaela must uncover the hidden secret of Sleepy Hollow…before she meets her mother’s fate

Guys, I promise this book will hook you right in.  Now I’ll be honest, I am one those that can easily predict an ending well.  Wake the Hollow was somewhat easy to predict.  Notice the somewhat?  The ending will have you wide eyed with surprise even if you think you have it figured out 🙂

Readers, thank you so much for giving my blog the time of day.  You are what keeps me going with all this.  Also, I want to apologize this is not my best work.  It is past my bedtime seeing that I have to be up bright and early.  (oh the joys of a working mother) Much love you all and get your copy today with the link provided below!

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