Oh what a beautiful day today!  After almost two weeks of dreary rain here in my small Georgia town, I am experiencing the beautiful sunlight with a nice wind.  I swear on days like this it should be illegal to work during the day 😉  Does anyone remember my review of “Extreme Medical Services?”  Well, sorry to keep everyone waiting but I finally am done with Book 2 “The Paramedics Angel“.  In my opinion it is so much better than the first book!  There is much more action, a little romance, and plenty of “Unusuals”. 😉  

**Warning**   If you have not read Book One Extreme Medical Services know that there will be spoilers in this review!

So in book  one, Dean Flynn Graduates the academy to become a paramedic.  Being in the top of his class, his mentor Mike assigns him to Station U which come to find out services a particular crowd of patients.  Vampires, Lycans, Fairies, Zombies are just a few of his patients he treats on a daily basis. 😉  At first he was unsure this job was for him then later on with the help of his partner Brynne, Dean learned to appreciate his work and the Unusuals who depended on him.

What is book two about?

Paramedic Dean Flynn is finally getting used to his Unusual ambulance patients, the creatures of myth and legend who live among us all. But with werewolves, vampires, fairies and more as his 911 patients, is he ready for an Unusual in his personal life? Ashley Moore is not just an ER nurse, she is a heavenly angel on earth, sent to help Dean solve the mystery of the hate crime attacks on his patient community. The Cause is determined to undermine the Unusual community, scare them into a starting a race war, and expose them to their human neighbors. Will Dean be able to juggle the professional challenges of serving his patients, the personal challenges of having an angel in his life, and still find those at the root of these crimes?

With everything going on, Dean is having a hard time knowing who to trust.  His patients are too scared to call for help and Dean is trying to figure out who is causing all these hate crimes against the unusuals.  Whoever it is, they are throwing him right in the middle of it.

The Cover:

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The Complete Series

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I like this cover much better than the first! It goes perfect with the title and the story.  As I said in the first review. I liked the cover on the first book but it was kind of plain so anyone just seeing it without looking at the summary wouldn’t even know that the book is a paranormal fiction novel.  The second book though goes perfect 🙂

Guys again thank you so much for reading my reviews!! I do this because its a hobby I absolutely love.  I get to read and share my thoughts with all of you!  If you are interested in Extreme Medical Services I have the link below so please go check it out!


The Paramedics Angel