This is the medicine field and the paranormal mixed together!  I’ll be honest, I have not read anything like this until I received my copy of  Extreme Medical Services Book 1 by Jamie Davis.  Paramedics helping Vampires, Werewolves, faeries and other “Unusuals” as Jamie describes them in the book.


What the book is about:

Monsters, Paramedics, and Street Medicine.
New paramedic Dean Flynn is fresh out of the academy. When he gets assigned to the unknown backwater ambulance Station U, he wonders what he did wrong. Dean soon learns that his patients aren’t your normal emergency callers.
Dean and his partner Brynne Garvey serve the creatures of myth and legend living alongside their normal human neighbors in Elk City. With patients that are vampires, werewolves, fairies and more, will Dean survive his first days on the new job? Will his patients?
Now all is not well on the streets of Elk City and some humans are striking out at their mythical neighbors. Dean soon finds himself in the middle of a series of attacks on his patients, attacks that implicate a former member of Station U.
Come along on this ride with “Extreme Medical Services” – part one of the series by the same name, a paranormal medical thrill-ride with the paramedics of Elk City. Described by one fan as “like Grimm, but with paramedics” this book is brought to you by best-selling author and real-life paramedic Jamie Davis. He crafts a book called an accurate, interesting, & fabulous page-turner.

The Cover:

Here is the cover for Book 1.  It’s not really eye catching or explanatory.  Without reading the summary you would have no idea the book is even paranormal.  I do like the bold letters though and you have your main character on the cover.
I’ve read other reviews to see other people’s opinions on this series.  One of the biggest complaints was the ending.  That it has no finality to it, it just stops.  I mean I get what Jamie Davis was doing when he ended this book the way he did.  It gives you that suspense of what will happen next and since I am currently reading book two I can tell you he picks it back up very well.  One thing I personally feel is the story is a bit choppy but as I said, once I started reading book two it gets much better.  Extreme Medical Services really is a good and interesting book.  Since the writer used to be a paramedic himself, he gives us an insight on what could really happen well, to humans anyway haha. I suggest you get your copy today! It’s available on Amazon!