So… I know I am a bit behind of my blogs.  But I am back and ready to catch up!! 🙂  I read several books while off the grid and the first one I will blog about is

“Soulless” Book 2 by Kelly Martin.

If you have already read my blog about Heartless Book 1, then you’ll want to read this review too 😉

So this is book 2 in The Heartless Series.  As of right now there are 3 books released in the series (which I have already read) and the 4th is set to release in the Fall of 2016!! 🙂  Kelly really did an amazing job sucking readers into her story.Her main characters are great! And I am obsessed with the love interest between the two.  It isn’t sappy with the girl just falling all over the guy or vice versa.  My emotions were strong with the book haha. Oh, and the fact that Kelly writes the story in different points of view really bumped my rating for this series.

What the book is about:

Hope and love are the two worst 4-letter words in the human language. Hope destroys lives. Love destroys the world. Gracen Sullivan isn’t crazy. She wishes she was. That would mean all of the evil going on around her– because of her– wouldn’t be happening.
She wouldn’t need the demon blood.
She wouldn’t be scared to go home.
And she wouldn’t be having any sort of feelings for Hart Blackwell.
Hope and love are all she has left. Hope and love will destroy everything. Even a love she never saw coming.

So Gracen is told that she has no heart.  She is a pure demon who requires to drink Demon blood in order to survive.  Her soul (no pun intended) objective is to release Hell  on Earth.  Hart Blackwell, the demon who pretended to be Gracen’s boyfriend Sam, was to help make that happen.  In the first book, Seth an angel who also happens to be Gracen’s father wanted to get revenge on God so he creates the plan to kill Gracen and bring Hell to Earth. At the end, he succeeds.

In book 2, Hart manages to rescue Gracen and saves her life.  Now the two are set to find a way to stop her from turning into the abomination.  All while fighting for the feeling the two start developing for each other.

Book Cover:

I absolutely love covers like this.  It so dark and Gothic looking. There is not much I can really say that would give the cover justice.  I love it! End of story haha.

So out of 5 starts, 5 being the best  I’d say Soulless is about mmmm… a 10! There really is nothing at all I could criticize this book for.  If you haven’t read Book 1 or Book 2, I have both links listed below so you can get your copy today! Available as kindle edition, paperback or free with Kindle Unlimited!!  Thank you so much for reading guys, Muah!