Hi blogging family.  So it has apparently been 24 days since my last post.  As much as I love doing this, I cant believe I’ve let it slip. NO. Not slipped.  I knew I haven’t posted in a while, but as life would have it, it can go to shit.  Oh my, yes I cursed.  I know I try to keep my posts clean but you know what?  I am using this to purge and and at this moment I don’t care.  

24 days.  Not even a month.  What could possibly happen right?  Well a lot can happen, so I have found out…

First, due to health issues I have missed many days of work with pains, doctor’s appointments and surgery recovery.  I am finally over the recovery of going under the knife but the pains are still there.  I guess that Appendectomy was not the solution.  Just when I think my work hours are going to be going back to normal, of course as it would happen, my girls get sick and so do I.  Of course shit happens… people get sick.  Another several days lost.  Now, the girls are back to normal (whatever normal is for a 10 and 7 year old haha) so finally I’m happy to finally go back to my job, where I am blissfully busy.  At this point I’m thinking “I am so glad I got that spell out of way!” Well exactly 3 weeks ago yesterday,  I got a text that for sure let me know life, will never go EXACTLY how you want it to.  Sometimes, life feels like it needs to remind you what is important.  With work and hobbies and school, we forget that our family needs your attention as well.  My uncle; my mothers younger brother was in an accident June 28th.

A man I haven’t seen since I was 13 years old (I am 28 now) but still I hold nothing but happy memories of him;  A man who was never anything other than a good father, a good worker, and a good husband suddenly changed the course of him and his families life by one small detail… A seat belt.  He doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs and is a Godly man.  But one small decision caused him to flip his truck and get thrown from the vehicle.  A once lively man, now lies in a coma 3 weeks from yesterday.  So last minute I fly out from my small Georgia town to Las Vegas Nevada to the UMC Trauma Center, the only one in the state, so I was told.  I fly out to see a man I haven’t seen in 15 years.  Why?  Because Shit Happens and it reminds you “life cant always go your way”.  I spent a week visiting him everyday in that Trauma Center and I couldn’t begin to tell you the things I had seen, the things I heard.  It’s been 3 weeks ago yesterday, and my uncle is still in a coma with no change.  His wife is considering letting him go.  As a wife myself I can’t say I blame her.  While all this is going on in Vegas, I get another phone call.  Due to all the work I’ve missed, we had fallen behind on our house payments.  We now have to move.   Great! I’m over 2000 miles away and now reality of back home hits me full force.  How could I have let us get this far behind?  My amazing husband tried his best to make sure it was all caught up.  But as it is, We are a two income family and when one income was disrupted, it caused a ripple effect.

I am not telling you all this to feel pity for me or tell me it is going to be OK.  Honestly, we don’t know if anything will be alright! You know what?  I am actually OK with that.  We can’t predict what will happen and how it will affect you.  That’s the funny thing about life.  It is  UNpredictable and quirky.  If there is one thing all of this has taught me, is not everything will go as planned, sometimes a curve ball will come your way but you’ll just have to know how to swing at it.  My biggest lesson in all this is don’t wait 15 years and a car accident later to visit family.  I love my uncle and periodically kept in touch via social media. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!  The fact I may never hear his laugh, his voice, is the most haunting thing I can think of right now.  A home can be replaced, a vehicle can be replaced. But never a person.  Don’t let family go on the back burner.  Visit, call, Face-Time if anything!!! As far as everything else, I know from my experiences, things happen and you need to be prepared whether financially or emotionally. What makes me feel better about all this? Its that life keeps going and the only way you can go is forward… with my family by my side.