Readers!!  So I have discovered a hobby (finally) that both my daughters and I can enjoy.  Reading and reviewing books!!  Now my oldest only likes to read the books then tell me she liked them or not but my youngest Miley helps write my reviews on the children’s books 🙂  So in exchange for our honest review, Azro Press has been extremely nice enough to send Triassic Hall for us to enjoy together! Miley and I always enjoy history and science.  Learning new things (Or of really old things haha) so this book was very enjoyable.  So enjoy my 7 year old’s review below! Please be kind and let her know what you think!

I love the pictures so much I kiss the book.  It has good details and explains a lot. I had a little hard time reading because some words are hard to say.  I learned that they make globes.

I learned about  dinosaurs and fossils and how they find fossils!!  it is awesome to know how a museum is built!  My mom helped me read and explain what some words said.

So Miley didn’t really know what to write for today’s review. So I had her tell me what she loved.  Her favorite part is a chapter where they show people building a globe.  She told me that she didn’t realize how much went into finding fossils and putting them together.  After reading this book, Miley now wants to go to the Triassic Exhibit and also “hunt” for fossils. 😉  

Triassic Hall  is meant for ages 8-15.  Now I love this book but i would say its better for ages 10-15.  My 7 year old had a hard time reading but with my help we started understanding easily.  Triassic Hall reads a lot like a text book and I would definitely vouch for it to be a text book for Science class in middle school.  Its also nice for the parents that are home schooling their children!  I personally loved T. hall just for the simple fact it tells you the science of creating a exhibition, what it takes to put eveything together.  I find myself reading this without my girls haha.

It may be a little hard for your younger ones to understand this book but with your help and having some family time, Triassic Hall would be very informative and fun to read.  I added the link below to get your copy today!