I am amazed as to how quickly I finished this novella.  I started “Eyes of Persuasion” by Adrienne Monson this morning and I finished it about an hour ago!  It is a historical and somewhat paranormal romance book.

                                                  Adrienne Monson  Adrienne Monson, Author

 The fact that it is a mix of romance, YA, paranormal and historical romance, it might have some of you questioning “hmm, would I like this?”  If it helps, I certainly did!  I like the fact that its a quick read;  Even though it’s only 198 pages, that not the reason why I was able to breeze through it.  Because believe me I’ve read 200 pages or less books that took me way longer than a 200 plus book just because how bad the story was.  I finished in no time because of the easy flow of the story.  Adrienne didn’t waste any words on just “fillers”.  She provided enough detail to really get into the book  and not feel like it was dragging along.  Her characters were well written and the suspense part of this book was done well.  I didn’t figure out the culprit until the very end.

What the book is about:  Eyes of Persuasion is a genre mash-up of paranormal and historical romance. When her parents are murdered, Lady Isabeau Maybrick is taken in by an abusive uncle to help pay his gambling debts. But Isabeau has a secret, a talent hidden since birth. Her gift helps to keep her out of the whorehouse and out of trouble—that is, until she meets Everett Radcliff.

Hard working Everett Radcliff detests high society and finds plenty of excuses to avoid it. But when he meets Lady Maybrick, he can’t help but be enthralled by her violet eyes. When he hires an investigator to uncover a crook, his path crosses with hers, throwing them into a world of mystery, murder, and surprisingly, love.

The Cover:  The cover is pretty enough.  Its not really like an “Oh my wow!” type of cover but it is classy and simple.  The violet eyes on the cover fits perfectly with what you will be reading.  I do wish that the author would have maybe done a cover that shows its a historical romance.  You wouldn’t expect this kind of novella just by seeing the front.  Maybe that is what she was aiming for though!  I would give it about 3 out of 5 stars.

Even though online, it says its paranormal, I wouldn’t really consider it that.  It would be a little bit more like fantasy.  That certain aspect in the story I wish the author would have played out more.  I really think Adrienne didn’t exploit it any more than she could have.  When you read this let me know if you felt the same.   I’d like to know if maybe it was just me.

I think in all, I would say Eyes of Persuasion is a book everyone should give a shot.  Its good for a rainy day or for when you don’t feel like reading a really long book.  You could have it finished same day maybe in two days if you really get into it.  Adrienne keeps it simple by offering it in paperback and kindle.  I have the link for you below to check it out!  Please like, re-blog or comment on here.  You guys are what keeps me going! Much Love!