Hi Everyone!!! So this is a special book review today.  It’s a good one too. 🙂  My youngest daughter Miley will be the one to tell you all about this really cute children’s book  “Dylan’s Big Surprise at the Doctor” by Kishma Anthony.  Everything you read in black is all my 7 year old, so let her know what you think!  She is looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Have you ever been to the doctor?  I have!  Last year I got a shot.  It really hurt like a bee sting.  I used to be scared but not anymore.  Dr. Horne whenever I get a shot he is there for me.  He makes silly faces and makes me feel better.


“Dylan’s Big Surprise at the Doctor” chronicles the thought process of a precocious little boy named Dylan who was terribly afraid of going to the doctor to get shots. This book highlights the fear that most little boys and girls have about the experience of having to go to the doctor to get shots. It also helps to emphasize the importance of nurses in healthcare and the pivotal role that they play in the lives of those they provide care for.

What I like about the book:

 It has a lot of pictures and it has smooth pages.  I think the front cover is really cute. The book  makes me feel better about going to the doctor.  🙂

IMG_3998 (1)

My favorite part:

I like the end when Dylan sees his favorite nurse, Nurse Jenny.

 I think all kids need to buy this book, its so good!  I hope you like this book so much and thank you for reading this, BYE!!

Thank you so much for reading my little girls first book review written by her!! I only helped with a little bit of spelling and punctuation. 😉 I agree with her, this book is so adorable with really nice pictures!  Its perfect to read to those that don’t like going to the doctor.  One thing I do want to add though.  Even though it is a children’s book, there are some words that might be a little hard for a child to pronounce so mom or dad, this is a perfect book for you to read together. My personal favorite part is when you are finished there is a “Discuss with Dylan” part where you can answer questions about the story. 🙂 I really hope you liked her blog and if you want (and I think you should) to buy this wonderfully written book I have provided the link at the bottom so can share with with your kids! Its available as Kindle Edition and Paperback.   Much love and keep on reading!