Hey guys and gals! So just in the past 2 months I started this wonderful blog site. I never thought I’d love it as much as I do!  I’m doing what I love best, read! I get to read amazing new releases, ARCS, and some old favorites. I’d never would have been able to get this going without you all. Your follows and likes is what keeps me going.  I also what to say a big THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the authors that have given me the opportunity to read and review their novels.  They are the ones that gave me the push to get this going!

Growing up we didn’t have the means for much. Living in expensive California, dad had to work 3 jobs while my mother stayed home to care for my brother and me.  But being awesome parents they would come home with a new book for me to read when I finished the last one. Being from another country, they knew the importance of broadening your mind to new things. So books were the best way for my imagination to go wild and for them to better their English 😉

Today my love for books hasn’t wavered one bit. In fact, as soon as I’m done with one I itch to read another haha! Does anyone else ever feel the same? Hopefully it’s just not me. I’m glad I read a lot because now it’s rubbed off on my two daughters ages 10 and 7. These little chicks read all kinds of books not just the typical children books. img_2567

So what just what are my faves?  Well my all time loves are horror and fantasy. My personal favorite author is Stephen King. Growing up with my dad meant you needed to like horror movies. He was a sucker for the latest scary movie haha. I guess I was such a weird kid because of my early fascination for scary movies. The horror movies I liked were Pet Cemetery and Puppet Master! Once  got older I read the book 🙂

My newer faves are Martina McAtee, Holly Black, Stephanie Meyer, Cassandra Clare and Colleen Hoover. I can name several more but these stick out more to me 🙂


If you haven’t read any of these I suggest you do! They don’t disappoint. So guys thanks again for supporting me in my blogging excursion. This is very new to me but I plan on making it the best I can do! 🙂 if you want to learn about all the newest books out there or find out about a book you haven’t read, follow me! Love you all and keep in reading!