This is so sweet! On impulse, we recently rescued a dog from being put to sleep at a kill shelter and let me tell you. It is the best thing we could have ever done. She is 71 lbs of pure love and affection. Very well mannered and completely house broken. Save a life people! You won’t regret it.


The human female began to call me a ‘foster fail’ which the other cats told me meant that no one wanted me. Although I was very upset by these remarks I wasn’t all that surprised. I didn’t really like humans, they scared me a lot, and so I hid from them whenever I could.

They also annoyed me. They seemed so unevolved, and even when I tried to display my hatred towards them by staring at them in disgust, they strangely continued to coo over me.

I didn’t really like the other cats much either, they were all so friendly with the humans, and I always felt a bit left out.

When other humans would come to the house to see the other cats, they were never interested in me, I was always to shy and timid to be appealing to them, and so I was never picked to leave…

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