First, I just want to say thanks for visiting my site again!  Makes me feel good that even though my blog is small and not as wonderful as others out there, it is still being viewed!  This current ARC I am reviewing is Crazy Dead by Suzanne Kingsmill.  Its set to release on June 19, 2016.

The Cover:  Even though the cover may have you think this is some kind of horror or supernatural book, it’s not.  I still love it though!  It creates the mystery aspect of the novel.

 The fog on the cover is perfect. As this mystery novel has characters with mental illness; it just fits.  A person with mental illness may have the cloudiness or fogginess in their mind that they just cannot clear.  Always going in a direction that they never know where it leads.                         

The Summary:  Fighting depression in a Toronto psychiatric ward, Cordi must throw herself back into harm’s way when another patient dies. Was it murder?

Struggling to escape the sticky blackness of clinical depression, zoologist Cordi O’Callaghan is admitted to a psychiatric ward in Toronto. As she slowly recovers, one of the patients dies. Cordi must convince a skeptical medical staff that the woman has been murdered, while healing her own mind at the same time. Her suspects include medical personnel and patients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, OCD, and panic disorder. Martha, Cordi’s lab technician, tries in dramatic fashion to help Cordi solve the murder, while Jacques, a recovering alcoholic, helps out and steals Cordi’s heart along the way.

Thoughts:  Although Crazy Dead is a good story, I just felt like the book was dragging.  I’ve had the book for a little over a week and I had to push myself to finish. I felt myself thinking “come on, can we get to the point already?” My favorite parts were actually the last couple of chapters.  Where things really got interesting.  I suspected the ending to some degree but Suzanne still surprised me with the conclusion.

So, in my opinion, Crazy Dead is a novel I could read once and possibly be done from ever reading it again.  But hey!  You may feel differently.  I do think you should give the book a chance as even though its a little bit of a slow read, its still a good story.  Again this book is set to release June 19, 2016 but you can go ahead and pr-order on Amazon now!  I listed the link below so go check it out!  It is available to purchase as a Kindle book or physical copy: