This is very well put. No one in this world should ever say “just give up already”. It is not your decision on what someone should do. By publicly someone so wrong, you are telling everyone out there that struggling that its ok go kill yourself. Well I am going to say. DONT GIVE UP! There is a way to overcome depression and anxiety. For those that are reading this and are debating if ending your life is the way. i am telling you no, because if you feel those around you dont care ill say this. Even though I may not know you… I will care if you are gone. You are here for a purpose and I have every bit of faith you will find it.

Let's Queer Things Up!

Having nearly died by suicide six years ago, I can imagine what people would have said about me. They would’ve talked about my deep depressions, my unpredictable rage, how lost I was.

Maybe, like you, they would’ve said that I was better off dead. Maybe, like you, they would have callously remarked that some people with mental illness can’t be helped.

Here’s a letter for you, Amanda, from someone “beyond help.”

You were right to judge yourself for exploiting Leah’s story, because it’s exactly what you did. You took the life of a mentally ill person and diminished it, deciding to use her struggles for your own personal gain.

Mentally ill people do not exist as entertainment for you. They do not exist as a sensational story to tell. They are not a product for your consumption. We are not property, we are not objects, we are not paychecks…

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