This book is addicting. The details and emotions make you feel as if you were the character! I have actually caught myself talking to the characters during my reading because I was so into the story.  It is a romance and mystery novel, two things I love. It’s not that real mushy awkward romance though that just makes the book real corny.  Its actually like a young couple would be in real life.  If your are one of those that is into romance and mystery, this thrilling book is the one for you!  “Treacherous Shadows” by author Jennifer Parr  was released on April 11, 2016.

The Cover:  I like the cover.  Its very pretty and of course shows that the main character in the story is a girl that seems like no one understands.  One thing though.  I would have liked that maybe the background would have had some of the scenery of where this story takes place and a shadowy section as well.  Even though it doesn’t. This cover is very eye catching.  If i were to be searching for a book to buy, this cover would for sure capture my

The Summary:  Sixteen-year-old Aeria Morgan knows her life will be short. Since the Darkness fell two hundred years ago, brevity has staked its claim, especially on the childless. Aeria will die if she does not find love, and soon. But she and her Dviinu brother, Aeron, are outcasts, set apart from the rest of Avalon Valley because of their sordid family history and mysterious conception, and so Aeria has resigned herself to a loveless fate. It isn’t until Aeria meets village newcomer Lyam Trey that she learns that love is worth hoping for after all. As trouble mounts, can Aeria hold tight to what she’s found, or will she lose everything she thought she’d never have?

Love, Anger, Fright, Sadness;   This book will get you right in the feels!  I finished this book in two days and I am going crazy waiting for the sequel!!!!!  I really think this is a book for everyone to read.  You can purchase it on Amazon Kindle or as a paper copy.  I have provided the link so you can check it out!!

 Thanks for reading my blog guys, much Love!

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