So, this is something I just wanted to put in writing. Its by far not perfect and it may be way off topic off and on.  But I wanted to publish it just how it poured out of my mind.  Let me know what you think.  If you think this is horrible its totally OK! But if you think it is fine and makes sense (or kind of), please feel free to like or re-blog:

Ants work as a group.  They will follow their leader wherever they need to go.  Whether its finding food or reinforcing their home.  But following the leader may not always be the right thing.  Ants  most the time follow the leader in a file to a fault.  So what happens when that single file line is divided? Ted Pavlic, Research scientist in social-insect lab said Sometimes the head of the separated section will find its tail. Consequently, the group will go into a death spiral — circling in an “ant mill” until all ants die of exhaustion. So that’s what happens when otherwise blind ants get separated with some partners — the blind leads the blind, and neither know any better”.

I believe that we should not follow the leader (social society) to a T.  Be someone who follows their own path.  If you are always following in others footsteps, you lose that part of yourself that, well makes you you!   You lose the thing that makes you stand out. We are so absorbed in “fitting in” that we conform to what everyone else does to feel liked or needed. I myself, would get so wrapped up in today’s vices that I forget that I am not everyone else.  I am happily married and have a totally imperfectly blissful life.  And its not because I try to be that model on runway, or that girl that needs to have a large group of friends on social media or out in the real world. It is because I am me/  the girls who books were her best friend and who isn’t afraid to show out my loud personality.  So don’t be the ant, put that divider in your trail and break free from what the world think you be.  You’re wonderful just how you are.