Wow.. This really does open your eyes

ValkyrieKerry Kelly

The second of my stories about human frailty and mental health.

The Pride

Barefoot she climbed grey rock after grey rock. Blood streaks stained  her bare legs, she could almost feel the tears, almost. At the peak she peered lucidly over the peak of the mountainous heap to the lions that lay beyond. Long locks of filthy auburn hair clung to her paling cheeks and tears filled her eyes. She was lost. Weakened finger nails scraped, clinging onto the stones and she hauled her slender frame over the apex. Her footing was instantly lost and she tumbled rapidly down, the fall seemed to last forever like a film moving slowly frame by frame. At some points she floated, but inevitably she found herself on hands and knees peering up at a heavily maned giant cat.

Paling hazel eyes met the beasts stare and fear filled her. In the distance she…

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