I decided to read this book and I must say, normally I can can predict what happens at the climax of a book and at the ending, but not with Fear the Hacker!!! I was literally kept on my toes until the very end. J Arthur Squiers,author definitely knows how to keep you captivated and second guessing yourself on what you THINK is going to happen. I 100% recommend this book for anyone that loves suspense books.

          See if you can hack the outcome of Fear the Hacker. (See what I did there? haha)


The Cover:  Although the cover may look a little “kiddish” I still like the way it looks like someone  painted it.  It is very unique.  But in all it may throw some of the older readers off thinking it’s a young age groups type of book, even though this is YA and older.  It is a story about cyber hacking so the numbers at the top are a great focal point on this cover. It’s a visual description of what the book is all about. 

What do you do when the most feared hacker in the world is tearing your life apart?

The Summary: Jim Wisendorf, an adventurous twenty-five year old, is being stalked by a sadistic technology genius. Out of desperation, he tries to find someone skilled enough to help him stop the unbeatable hacker, before everything he loves is destroyed.

While fighting to get his life back, Jim makes his way through the dangerous underground world of cyber-criminals. In doing so, he sets events into motion that could disrupt the balance of power around the globe.

Criminal Utopia: Fear the Hacker is a fast-paced suspense story that shows how hacking has become more than just sitting behind a computer keyboard. It’s about exploiting today’s culture of connected devices to get what you want.

**As I said above, I am usually good with predicting the outcome of stories so I was extremely satisfied that the author was able to surprise me at the end.  Best of all, at the ending, J Arthur Squiers gives you insight on his characters, back stories, and definitely hopes for another future story.

If you want to read this book (which I think you should), I have attached the link where it is now available now on Amazon:     http://amzn.com/151956063X