This is my first Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) that I had the privilege to read and write a review about!! 🙂  The book is Detached by Christina Kilbourne. Christina is also the author of Dear Jo that has won three reader’s choice awards.  In the notes prior to reading this book, I learned the author actually didn’t want to even write this type of book;  a mother who’s teenage son committed suicide had actually approached her asking to write this to help in her outreach efforts.   I am very glad this novel was written and even happier to have read it.  “Detached” is set to be released August of 2016.

“Detached” is a novel that opens your eyes to Depression, thoughts of suicide, and how it can affect your life and those around you.  


The Cover: As this is an E-copy  (for now), this is the only image of the book I have available to me for the moment.  I don’t think I could have picked a better cover for this novel if I tried.  You can almost relate to what she is feeling just from looking at it.  For those that have been there, then you know exactly what she may be going through.  No words are really needed as to why the novel is named what it is.

The Summary:  Anna is not like other people.  She’s always felt like she didn’t belong; not with other kids, not with her family, not in her body.  It isn’t until her grandparents are killed in a tragic accident, however, that Anna starts to feel untethered.  She begins to wonder what it would be like if she didn’t exist, and the thought of escaping the aimless drifting is the only thing that brings her comfort.  When Anna overdoses on prescription painkillers, the doctors realize she has been suffering from depression and start looking for a way to help her out of the desperate black hole she never thought she would escape.  Its then that rock bottom comes into sight and the journey back to normal begins.

My Thoughts:  I liked how detailed Anna’s thoughts were written out.  It really puts you into her emotions, or at the moment the lack thereof.  I especially love how its not just in Anna’s point of view, but also of those around her that love her.

As someone who has seen depression first hand.  I know it may seem that there is no end to the tunnel. Well, there may never be an end as depression may never actually go away, but what I can say is, that tunnel can brighten up, just hang in there.

**If you or a loved one shows signs of depression or have thoughts about committing suicide, I have attached below the number to the Suicide Hotline: