This is a re-blog I really loved.  Go follow her for some great blogs!

The picture above though is a picture of my husbands cat that I took with my Nikon!



It’s been almost six months since Esteban’s and my big trip, but we’ve been so busy that I haven’t dug any further into my photos than the 16 I posted last October.

But two things happened last week that inspired me to drag out the ol’ hard drive:
1. I saw this wonderful piece at Better Travel Photos about photographic self-assignments.
2. My old post on 10 ideas for better travel photos suddenly sprouted lots of traffic.

With that in mind, I’ve once again started sorting through those 30,092 raw files — and I’ve compiled five more lessons from my recent travels. I promise I’ll be back soon with some new stories, too.

1. Get personal

Street photography can capture some wonderful moments. But talking to your subject — and asking for permission to take their photo — sometimes yields an even greater sense of intimacy and authenticity.

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